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06th Dec 2016

This Christmas light tribute to Prince is stunning

10,000 purple lights that flash in unison to “Purple Rain.” Superb.

There will never be another artist like Prince.

In a stellar career, the iconic musician released 39 studio albums over three decades of simply stunning music. In doing so, he clocked up 32 Grammy nominations, with seven wins, while two of his albums,  1999 and Purple Rain are in the Grammy Hall of Fame. All this without even mentioning the never-ending list of singers and bands that he inspired.

Since his sad passing in April, there have been thousands of tributes made in his memory including this memorable singalong of Purple Rain by the people in his home city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Prince’s music clearly touched the Staudt family from Chaska, Minnesota because they decided to honour his incredible legacy with a fantastic display of over 10,000 purple lights that blink in unison to Prince’s most iconic song, Purple Rain.

Speaking with the Star Tribune, Mike Staudt  says that “a few people have even mention[ed] it made them teary-eyed.” The family have even created a special Facebook page for the display, which features Purple Rain as an intermission track between performances of a 14-minute medley of music including the Star Wars theme and a Snoop Dogg Christmas song.

Clip via – Lights on Pascolo

The festive display is part of a fundraising campaign that’s particularly close to the family.