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24th Feb 2022

The Chase fans can’t get over yesterday’s Simpsons family contestants

This is definitely not the first time the show has done something like this.

Viewers of The Chase were left in awe following a recent episode of the show that included contestants with some of the best names.

The four quiz contestants were Marge, Bart, Maggie and Lisa, aka The Simpsons family, and people are convinced producers did it on purpose.

Fans of the much-loved ITV quiz show quickly took to Twitter in hysterics to praise the show for its casting.

“Contestants on The Chase tonight … Marge, Bart, Maggie and Lisa … this must have been done on purpose!?” one person said.

“There’s no way these people were randomly picked. Some staff member’s a fan,” another added.

“Aftershow party in Moe’s for Marge, Maggie and Lisa if they beat the Chaser! Bart’s writing lines on the blackboard again!” another joked.

Another person noticed one of the family members was missing.

“How could they not have a Homer in the line up. It’s an outrage,” one persons wrote.

This is not the first time The Chase has done something like this and it seems to be a bit of a running joke with producers.

Some other hilarious examples include a team of contestants called Gerry, Emma, Mel and Victoria – all the same names as the iconic pop band Spice Girls

Another show also starred a team of Rachael, Ross, Phoebe and Joe – as in the characters from Friends.

Something that left fans ever more shocked than the Simpsons’ names, however, was host Bradley Walsh’s  confession a few years ago that he had never seen a single episode of the cartoon, despite over 700 having been broadcast since 1989.

In the episode, which was originally shown in May 2019, the presenter asked one contestant: “The first full episode of what TV animation aired in the US on 17th December, 1989?”

The she correctly chose The Simpsons, Bradley admitted: “Really, 89, wow. Never seen an episode of it. Have you?”

Reminding everyone on Twitter, one fan said: “I bet Bradley ‘never seen it’ Walsh didn’t have a clue what was going on!”