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13th Jul 2022

Casa Amor’s Jazmine reveals she and Andrew had a connection before Coco

Who would’ve thought?

Casa Amor bombshell Jazmine Nichol has spilled all the tea after she left the Love Island villa, saying she had a connection with one of the boys that we never got to see.

We didn’t get to see much of Jazmine during her time on the show, but according to her, a lot happened that was never shown on our screens.

Speaking about her time in the villa, she shocked fans when she revealed that she actually had a connection with none other than Andrew from the get-go.

Thinking she could potentially leave the show with a boyfriend, there was nothing she didn’t shy away from as she spoke to YouTuber Murad Merali.

Not only had Jazmine fallen for Andrew immediately, she also revealed she had her heart broken by him when he went on to kiss Coco.

The dumped Islander explained: “Coco was never mentioned. All the boys on that first day were like: ‘You like Andrew, we want to get to know you because you’re for Andrew.’

“So everyone around me is painting that I’m going to come out with this boyfriend, because all the boys are like: ‘This is the girl, this is the girl.'”

Jazmine went on to say that she pulled Andrew for a chat on the terrace to tell him how she was feeling, saying: “I said: ‘What’s your bed situation?’ He said: ‘I’m going to sleep outside on the day bed to respect Tasha. But it’s not because I don’t want to share it with you.’

“Then, ten minutes later, Coco – the girl I talked about Andrew to, the girl I was closest to – she went up on the terrace and kissed him.”

According to Jazmine, she only found out about Coco and Andrew’s kiss when she heard the boys joking about it.

“My heart just drops, because I’ve been in that situation before, and I told Andrew this, I’ve been cheated on and found out in a similar situation. And he knew that,” Jazmine said.

“From my point of view, it was like: millions of people are going to see me look like a mug.

“You’ve opened up to a boy because he’s the nice boy and he’s done that to you, and the world’s going to see that… I just felt like an idiot.”