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22nd Feb 2019

Can’t choose what to watch on Netflix? This tool is about to change your LIFE

Hello saviour.

Denise Curtin


That’s all I ever do on Netflix, mindlessly scrolling.

In fact, according to a 2016 survey published in Bustle, the average person spends 19 minutes scrolling on the streaming service before deciding what to watch. That’s basically 20 minutes and as Netflix keeps adding more and the choice is just oh-so-tough, we can only imagine that this time has increased in the past two years.

But hey, we’re not complaining, we’re just saying that decision making isn’t our forte and we want to make sure that when we’re committing to a two-hour flick, it’s a good’un.

And so, this tool is set to change your life. Reelgood is an online free tool where you choose the TV show or movie genre you’re in the mood for and it will supply you with what to watch.

You can also filter your search by IMDb rating and Rotten Tomatoes meaning you’ll cut the low rated films and the chances of ending up watching something dire is less likely.

You can give the tool a whirl here plus connect your Netflix or other streaming services so you can watch your movie directly after it has chosen one for you.


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