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09th Feb 2022

British media, unsurprisingly, try to claim Kerry’s Jessie Buckley as their own

Ah, the Brits are at it again.

The Oscar nominations are out and like clockwork, the British media is already claiming Jessie Buckley as one of their own.

Lads, hate (but really love) to break it to but the woman was born in Killarney and went to school in Thurles, she’s about as British as a pint of Guinness.

As Irish as your mam shouting at you for leaving the immersion on, Jessie Buckley hails from Kerry but as always, once someone from our little island becomes a star, the Brits travel back in time about 600 years.

Jessie earned her first ever Oscar nomination yesterday for her supporting role in the Netflix drama The Lost Daughter, starring alongside none other than fellow Irish actor Paul Mescal, someone else who has been through this already.

Since her nomination, Jessie has been praised by media outlets but Sky News claimed her as British alongside Judi Dench when speaking about their nominations.

We’re only dying for her to take a leaf out of Mescal’s book and call them out on social media about it.

If you don’t remember, when Normal People earned Paul a 2020 Emmy Award nomination, The Daily Mail and Guardian both claimed the Kildare man was British to which he simply tweeted: “I’m Irish.”

It’s now the most liked Irish tweet of 2020, so here’s hoping Jessie might just top that.

Irish people haven’t had it easy so far for this year’s Oscars as Ciarán Hinds name was utterly butchered when he was announced for a nomination.

As Tracee Ellis Ross was calling out the nominees for best supporting actor, Ciarán was nominated for Belfast, or as she said “Kar-een Hinds”.

We can’t seem to catch a break.