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31st Aug 2021

Bradley Walsh drags The Chase contestant off set after rule break

Ellen Fitzpatrick

He never fails.

The Chase never fails to keep us entertained so it only gets better when something completely unexpected happens during the show.

On a recently aired episode of the celebrity version of the show, host Bradley Walsh ended up dragging one of the famous contestants off the stage.

The presenter was taking no prisoners as he jokingly brought actress Lucy Porter backstage to give her a “talking to”.

Competing to win for a charity of her choice, she got a little bit too excited with the buzzer as she answered trivia questions alongside other famous faces.

Lucy kept hitting her buzzer before he could even finish asking her the questions or read out all four choices as answers.

The episode first aired in 2017, but re-aired last week and had fans of the show in bits over the episode.

Bradley asked the famous faces: “Picasso at the Lapin Agile’ is an award winning play by which actor comedian?”

The BBC Radio 4 star opted for Steve Martin, saying: “It is the only man I love more than you. I have gone with Steve Martin.”

“Did you press that button?” The Chase presenter asked. “I tell you something now, I don’t care how much you love him more than me, you cannot press the button until I’ve finished reading the question.”

The audience were howling with laughter when Bradley warned: “Don’t come and try and run the show, we are going to fall out my dear.

“I’m the one who says what you put, you don’t press the button before I have finished the question.”

It was then that he took her off stage to jokingly give out to her, which only made the audience laugh more.

“I say what you put! I say what you put! Do not come and try and run this show,” he said to her.

Despite the slight mishap, the team managed to get past Anne Hegarty and win a whopping £150k for their chosen charities.