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30th Aug 2019

Bonnie Tyler has a badass ritual before going on stage and if possible we love her even more!

Niamh Maher

I chatted to Bonnie Tyler and now my life is complete.

The indisputable Queen of the 80’s Power Ballad is headlining Electric Ireland’s Throwback stage at this year’s Electric Picnic. After listening to her Greatest Hits and calming myself down because it was TOO MUCH, I pulled myself together and asked her if she was excited to come back to Ireland:

Absolutely, I’m so excited to perform in Ireland. I love coming to Dublin in particular, I was only here for a holiday a few months ago. Particularly playing the Throwback stage is exciting I played it back in 2014 and loved every minute, even when the power went out. I love performing my classic hits mixed with some new favourites that always get the crowd going. 

When it comes to her classics you’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t know every single word of her songs, I wondered why nostalgia plays such a huge role in music?

When it comes to music it transports people back to a time or a place, for many it brings back memories of people too, whether that’s happy or sad. Music is an incredible language for everyone and I’m so blessed that it’s been my job for all these years, but thank god for botox too! 

With her incredible career it’s hard to imagine Bonnie having anything to complain about, but she did allude to the fact that it’s not all glittering after-parties and sacrifices have to be made:

Airports are the worst thing, but they’re also like my second home so you get used to them I suppose. You do what you have to do in order to perform. It’s been manic this past year with touring though so I’ll be looking forward to a break soon, I’ve only had three weeks off this entire year! 

You can’t talk to Bonnie Tyler and not ask her about her voice and how she’s maintained it over the years, so what are the tricks of the trade?

I’ve been using the same vocal coach for the past seven years, every time I go on stage I call him and we do ten minutes of vocal warmups, my voice feels stronger now than it was in the early stages of my career. I also have a Jack Daniels and Red bull before I go on stage, what can I say… it gives me wings!

So there you have it! If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket, then I hate you…but also, you should head over to the Electric Ireland Throwback Stage at 7pm on Saturday to catch this icon perform, but maybe watch the Jack Daniels consumption, as Bonnie reminded us before leaving, we can’t all sing like her:

Just have the one, everyone thinks they can sing when they’re pissed, they can’t… they just can’t