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10th Nov 2017

There’s a bingo revival happening and here are the 5 reasons we want to play

And we're already hooked...


Brought to you by Jack Pott’s Bingo

Every so often, we spot a new up-and-coming trend that really catches our eye and tickles our fancy.

And when that trend gets the social-media-seal-of-approval… well, suffice to say we’re all over it like a donkey on a waffle.

Now (following in-depth analysis) we can confirm that pretty soon the pastime just about everyone will be partaking in is… Bingo.

Yes, the numbers game once beloved of grannies has been given a 2017 makeover and is all the craic: affordable and fun, you can also win cash monies in prizes (which would be nice).

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Rumour has it that Cristiano Ronaldo, Kate Moss, and Mick Jagger are all fans, but away from celebrity circles we have to say there is quite a buzzing bingo scene going on in Dublin right now.

Here are five reasons you might consider getting involved…

1) You can win stuff

Jack Pott’s is an Irish-owned company that also gives out the promotional likes of free makeup (no, seriously). It has three locations around Dublin: Cabra, Crumlin, and Whitehall and collectively it allocates a cool €140,000 in prizes every week.

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2) It’s something different 

How many times have you been crying out for something that isn’t the pub or cinema? Jack Pott’s is open seven days a week until 11pm and it’s usually jammers with happy-as-larry punters. Certainly, there is the opportunity to meet your fellow bingo-enthusiasts in a fun, chill setting (even if you go along by yourself).

3) It’s easy

If you’re not entirely sure how the game works (*furiously types ‘bingo’ into Wikipedia*) the Jack Pott’s staff are patient, helpful, and accommodating (bless them): in a nutshell it’s a game of chance and if you win you need to loudly shout out ‘CHECK!’ in order to claim your prize.

4) It can be a family affair

Bring your mam and dad along for the craic; encourage your siblings to join you; put a call-out into the clan’s Whatsapp group – bingo is a great thing to do en famille. Think of it as taking your board game get-togethers to the ultimate next level.

5) It’s pretty fancy

You don’t need to sharpen your pencils to take part: at Jack Pott’s it’s not just traditional paper bingo – you can play on electronic terminals at all three of its venues. Fancy!

Brought to you by Jack Pott’s Bingo.

Jack Pott’s Bingo is opened seven days a week from early afternoon ’til late evening: 12.30-23.00 Mon-Fri and 13.30-23.00 at weekends. The man bingo sessions starts at 20.10 every night. For more information visit