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31st May 2018

Bethany Platt’s in for a shock twist as her grooming storyline continues

bethany platt


Last year, Corrie‘s Bethany Platt was groomed and sexually assaulted by policeman Neil Clifton.

She took to the stand and eventually got the rapist convicted and sent to prison, however, Bethany’s ordeal is far from over as the soap plans to revisit the storyline later this summer in the form of newcomer, Kayla.

Kayla shows up on the cobbles as a waitress who’s romantically interested in Bethany’s ex-boyfriend, Craig.

As it turns out though, she’s also Neil Clifton’s daughter and she’s not that delighted that her dad is now in prison.

Despite the fact that her beloved dad legit groomed and raped someone, Kayla decides to try and take the law into her own hands.

She lures Bethany over to her gaf and it’s only when Bethany is inside the house and presented with a photo of Kayla and Neil that she realises what’s going on.

Kayla gags Bethany and ties her up, leaving her terrified as she cops on that Craig – who she assumed was in the house with Kayla – isn’t actually there at all.

It remains to be seen whether Kayla just wants a friendly chat (unlikely) or if she’ll try to get revenge on Bethany for doing the right thing and speaking out.

Sure we’ll find out when it all kicks off later this summer anyway.