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23rd Jul 2019

Anton had intense doubts about Belle after last night’s Love Island Challenge

Rebecca O'Keeffe

love island challenge


Well, last night was pretty damn dramatic, especially with regards to the Love Island Challenge.

In the garden, Amber received a text, which read: “BREAKING NEWS. Islanders, it’s time to find out who has hit the headlines in today’s challenge.”

So yeah, last night’s challenge saw all the Islanders presented with news headlines about one another.

The Islanders names were be blanked out and it was up to them to determine who the headline was about.

I know, juicy or what?

The Islanders then had to pick up a drink from ‘The Sidebar of Shame’ and throw it over the Islander they thought the headline was about.


But things got fairly awkward when it came to Anton and Belle!

The headline, “Love Island’s Belle isn’t Anton’s type and is ‘not genuine’ says his best friend” was read out to the group.

Obviously unimpressed, Belle said: “So your friend is getting a stronger worded DM [direct message] when I get out of here, that’s the truth.”

Clearly affected by the headline, Anton grabbed Chris for a chat.

He said: “I hate to scramble but first of all, one of my mates saying she’s not genuine. It just makes me think in my head, ‘am I being silly here?'”

At the same time, Belle also went on a bit of a rant about the whole situation.

“I’m quite p***ed off to be fair. I think it’s completely out of order what his friend has said and I don’t know why his friend would say something like that.”

“Why are you coming on there throwing shade on your mate’s bird?”