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04th Apr 2022

Anthology podcast Petrified offers the best of Irish horror

Definitely one for the horror buffs out there.

Petrified, an Irish horror podcast, made its triumphant return to streaming platforms last week, and, judging on the first episode alone, we’re in for an absolutely terrifying delight.

The anthology podcast, comes courtesy of Irish writer and horror fanatic Peter Dunne, and producer Liam Geraghty, and it’s currently in its second season.

Each episode is a stand-alone contemporary story “from a darker Ireland”, telling tales of “ordinary people encountering the supernatural and their terrifying fates”. The instalments are spear-headed by a cast of talented Irish actors – Margaret McAuliffe, Donncha O’Dea, Ciaran O’Grady, Michelle McMahon, Rowan Finken, Amy O’Dwyer, Deirdre Monaghan, Deborah Wiseman, Ste Murray and David Fennelly – who bring Dunne’s frightening stories to life on a weekly basis.

Petrified demonstrates the suitability of the podcast in delivering a powerful fright through audio alone. The series captures listeners’ attention from the get-go, reeling them in for a deeply unsettling ride, before delivering on some serious scares.

In my case, I listened to the first episode of season two on a bright day in Lyon, failing miserably to hide my genuine fear from concerned passersby.

While the series is perfect listening for horror lovers, the stories offer so much more than your average ghost tale; they also paint a thoughtful and emotive portrait of modern Ireland. There is something to be said for the stories Dunne weaves, and the world he grounds them in. In the opening episode of the second series, for instance, the listener is seamlessly transported to a lonely ghost estate in recession-times Ireland, and Dunne treats the setting with sensitivity as he recalls our nation’s not too distant past.

It’s a device that looks set to continue as new episodes of Petrified drop on a weekly basis. Fans can expect spooky tales with a distinctly Irish touch, as upcoming instalments will explore lockdown life, Christmas pantos, and the horror that is the 12 pubs of Christmas.

You can listen to Petrified on all podcast-streaming platforms, with new episodes every Wednesday.