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22nd Feb 2021

Annie Murphy takes on gritty new role in Kevin Can Go F**k Himself

Melissa Carton

This looks amazing.

While we all have come to know and love actor Annie Murphy for the trendy and quirky Alexis Rose, this new role couldn’t be further from her Schitt’s Creek character.

The 34-year-old Emmy winner recently revealed that she will be playing the lead in new drama Kevin Can Go F**k Himself which gets inside the mind of a wife who has been pushed to the edge.

The series takes a meta approach to its story telling as it takes a look at the typical sitcom housewife and the role she really plays in her relationship.

In the trailer we can see Murphy dip in and out of the façade that she puts on and the reality that is actually bubbling under the surface.

The plot of Kevin Can Go F**K Himself challenges the way sitcom wives are typically portrayed and shows that they are not one dimensional characters simply existing to provide for their husbands.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Murphy revealed that she enjoyed being able to flex her acting muscles in a much darker role than she’s been used to;

“I get to do a lot of ugly in this show!

It has been a little concerning how quickly and easily I can smash a glass on the wall and kick over garbage cans while screaming.

I think as women we’re all kind of suppressing a lot, so it is really lovely to have a smashing-things outlet for that.”

The show was inspired by real life sitcom Kevin Can Wait which unceremoniously dumped Kevin’s wife from the show, played by Erinn Hayes, for no apparent reason.

“In the sitcom world, so much sexism and misogyny and racism and homophobia and bigotry is cloaked by this laugh track.”

Kevin Can Go F**K Himself will be available to watch from this summer and we will update on where it will be available in Ireland when we know.


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