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14th May 2020

Anne Hathaway has revealed that her fall in The Princess Diaries was an accident

Anna Rourke

We all low-key wanted to be Mia Thermopolis as kids, yeah?

The teenage protagonist of The Princess Diaries was goofy and awkward and still managed to get the guy and become a royal – absolute goals when you’re ten years old.

Now actress Anne Hathaway has revealed that an iconic Mia moment in the film was actually unscripted.

The part where Mia and Lily are walking on the bleachers after school and Mia slips and falls? A complete accident.

“We were filming in San Francisco, predictably it had rained,” Anne says in The Happy Days of Garry Marshall, a tribute to the film’s late director that aired in the US this week.

“We were outside, and we had to get the shot really fast because we were losing light. And we had to go on these bleachers and they did their best to wipe them down.”

During one take, she continued, she turned “really fast” and ended up slipping in a puddle and tumbling between the bleachers.

Anne immediately burst out laughing and the director found it so charming that he decided to keep it in the movie.

“One of the things that I love about Garry is that he was never afraid of the spontaneous moment,” Hathaway said. “If it was good, it was in the movie. He didn’t care where it came from, he didn’t care what happened.”

Further proof if you needed it that Anne was perfectly cast in the role of Mia.