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15th Jul 2021

Anne with an E star Miranda McKeon begins chemo after breast cancer diagnosis

Sarah McKenna Barry

The 19 year old has also begun the process of freezing her eggs.

Miranda McKeon, the star of Netflix’s period drama series Anne with an E, is undergoing treatment for stage three breast cancer.

The 19 year-old, who played Josie Pye on the show, was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. Her doctors have told told her that the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, but she said she is “managing as best” as she can.

McKeon went to the doctor after discovering a lump in her breast. A biopsy determined that the lump was cancerous.

The actress has been sharing her experience with her followers on Instagram. Miranda announced her diagnosis by posting a photo of herself in hospital.

“It is with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I share news that I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer,” she wrote. “I am 19 and as statistics go – the chances of me having breast cancer at this age are one in a million.”

Speaking to People Magazine about the diagnosis, the actress said: “Although I don’t have the easiest case scenario (…) I never had a moment where I was like ‘Oh, am I going to die from this?’ That was never really a thought. I think this entire time it’s been more of like, ‘OK, we’re going to treat this and solve it.'”

As well as chemotherapy, Miranda McKeon has begun the process of freezing her eggs, but added that she may still be able to have children “naturally” later in life.

She told the magazine that she decided to have her eggs frozen as a “safety net”.

She said: “I’ll probably be able to have kids naturally on my own, and hopefully they’ll just be donated to science in however many years, but we’ll see.”

As she undergoes cancer treatment, Miranda said that she is trying to be optimistic.

“I’m making my job to find the beauty in all of this,” she told the publication. “I wouldn’t have chosen this, I didn’t choose this. I don’t think anyone would choose this. But I’m making it my job to try and pull something out of this.”