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08th Jul 2022

Andrew close to finishing with Coco on tonight’s Love Island

Jade Hayden

No wheyyy.

Andrew is considering whether he wants to be with Coco at all following Tasha’s return to the main villa. 

In the least shocking turn of events since the entire series started, Andrew isn’t sure whether his feelings for Coco are real, and is wondering whether to end things with her and pursue Tasha. Again.

He tells Coco, who shouldn’t be surprised, really: “I’m gonna be completely honest with you and how I’m feeling as well. Just at the moment with Tasha being on my mind I feel like I don’t wanna lie to you and I don’t wanna say something to you if I don’t mean it yet. So for me, I do wanna continue getting to know you of course…”

Coco interrupts him: “But you just wanna do it really slowly?” Andrew agrees: “Just take a step back until my mind has cleared or whatever happens, happens.”

But Coco isn’t finished with Andrew just yet, and in a bid to be as honest as possible, she pulls Tasha for a chat and tells her that there are some things Andrew hasn’t told her about their time in Casa Amor. 

“I don’t think you would be happy with some of the things that were said or done,” she says. 

Later, Tasha pulls Andrew for a chat on the terrace and to confront him: “I want you to be honest with me right now and tell me everything. You have probably been doing worse than what I’ve done with Billy!” 

Andrew says: “I put my hands up and what I’ve done initially out of anger, worse, granted, yes. But I’ve never felt like we’re together in this situation, because you’ve got to know every single guy that walks through the door.”

As things get heated, Tasha says: “You keep playing the victim here! But you’ve been kissing her, doing whatever you’ve been doing in this villa. You know, being in bed, kissing, canoodling, hugging.”

Doing whatever you’ve been doing is right, apparently, as Coco tells the other islanders that more than kissing went on underneath the covers between her and Andrew, and urges him to tell Tasha everything.

Essentially, if you’ve got Friday night plans, cancel them, babe.

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media Two.