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22nd Jul 2014

And The Highest Earning Actor In The World Is…

No surprises here really...

Many often claim that Matthew McConaughey had the best comeback that Hollywood has ever seen but McConaughey is neither here nor there when it comes to Robert Downey Jr.

Forbes have released a list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and, of course, Robert Downey Jr. has topped that list earning a whopping $75 million. Thanks mainly in part to his work as Iron Man in the Marvel films, the actor earned that figure in just twelve months from July 2013 to July 2014.

World Premiere Of Paramount Pictures & Marvel Entertainment's "Iron Man 2?

Downey Jr. was closely followed by the Rock who took in a whopping $52 million off the back of films like the Fast and the Furious and Pain & Gain. Bradley Cooper, who currently stars in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rounding out the top five are Leonardo DiCaprio who earned $39 million for appearances in the likes of the Great Gatsby and Wolf of Wall Street while Chris Hemsworth managed to take home $37 million, mainly due to Marvel’s Avengers and Thor.

The rest of the top ten consisted of Liam Neeson ($36 million), Ben Affleck ($35 million), Christian Bale ($35 million), Will Smith ($32 million) and Mark Wahlberg at $32 million.

That’s a very pretty top ten right there…