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24th Nov 2017

Amir had a standoff with a camel during his trial and it was too much

Oh, Amir.

On tonight’s episode of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, Amir Khan (begrudgingly) faced yet another bushtucker trial.

Himself and Vanessa faced the ‘Fright House’ (like the White House, but somehow more frightening), and went head-to-head to bring back some food for their respective camps.

Now, we know that Amir is never going to have a more defining moment than that one when he pulled the snake straight out of the hole on literally the first episode, but his performance in this evening’s trial is still absolutely worth a mention.

Or twelve.

The pair tackled pigeons, spiders, and a load of fish guts in the Fright House, but it was Amir’s confrontation with a camel named Donald Hump that was the standout moment of the trial.

While the boxer was creeping around Hump trying to locate some key cards, he bent over.

And, in total POTUS fashion, Donald Hump bent forward and nipped him in the arse.


It happened.

And it was, given Donald’s track record, really not that surprising.

Despite all this, as well as his declaration that “man don’t like spiders,” Amir emerged victorious and headed back to camp to tell everyone that they were all going to be enjoying some buffalo ribs later on.

Fair play, man.