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12th Dec 2017

All you need to know about Netflix’s holiday movie Christmas Inheritance

It hits Netflix on December 15

Keeley Ryan

’Tis the season for cheesy movies.

With Christmas just around the corner (how is it only two weeks away?!), it’s time to embrace all things sparkly, colourful and heart-warming.

And this year, Netflix has decided to jump head first into the holiday movie market with some offerings that fit the bill perfectly.

First up was A Christmas Prince, which ended up being a heartwarming  holiday-Cinderella-esque hybrid that won over viewers across the globe since it debuted this month.

But their newest original movie, Christmas Inheritance, may just out Christmas it.  

The movie, which hits the streaming service on December 15, follows socialite (and life of the party) Ellen Langford as she tries to prove she can become the CEO of her father’s company.

When she asks her dad about inheriting his company, he tasks her with delivering a letter to someone named ‘Uncle Zeke’ in the hometown she never knew, Snow Falls.

After a meet cute with a local taxi driver and inn worker, Ellen ends up stranded at the town inn after a snowstorm hits (of course).

She’s ends up working for her keep, which is when the Christmas spirit and the charm of the rural town remind her of what really matters.

There’s a few scenes full of Christmas movie clichés, which is part of the charm of Christmas Inheritance. 

There’s plenty of witty comebacks, a love-triangle, a few exclamations of ‘this is where I really belong’ and at least one good smooch (and missed chances).

And it looks like there’s even a ‘secret identity’ twist in store.

What more could you want in a good (and cheesy) Christmas movie?

Check out the trailer below.