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08th Jan 2017

It’s been 7 years since that man fell on the ice and he has still never been identified

Happy Anniversary mystery iceman


A truly iconic moment in our history.

There have been some iconic moments in the history of Irish broadcasting. Our minds instantly wanders back to moments like David O’Leary’s penalty against Romania, Teresa Mannion’s report from the end of the worldor Miley and Fidelma’s kiss on Glenroe – the dirt birds!

While these were all memorable,  it’s safe to say that a certain weather report that was aired on the Six-One News from January 8th, 2010 will forever be remembered by the Irish public.

Today marks seven years since one of the most beloved moments in the history of Irish television – when an unsuspecting man was caught slipping on the ice by an RTE camera crew.

Simply known as ‘The Man Who Slipped on the Ice’, this will never stop being funny.

Clip via – greannmhar3

Everyone has their own theory about who this man actually is – in fact, my own family was absolutely convinced that it was me, but whoever this he is, Ireland will never forget.

When we published this video last year, plenty of people were quick to send us their comments. Here are some of the best ones.

The mystery of his true identity is still unresolved.

Do you know who he is?