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11th May 2018

6 times Melissa McCarthy was every girl (EVER!)


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We mean, is there anything she can’t do?

Melissa McCarthy is back in her brand new movie, Life of the Party. (Yes, you need to go and see it NOW!) In the film, Melissa’s character goes through a messy divorce, but instead of wallowing in her misery, it’s back to college for this mama! It’s utterly hilarious (of course) and it also got us thinking, Melissa has been super relatable in many instances before.

Here are 6 times Melissa was all of us and we found ourselves totally relating to one of the most adored women and comedians in Hollywood.

1. When She Got Food Poisoning and the Sh**s

One of the greatest films of all time saw Melissa’s character Megan Price get food poisoning and literally poop herself. Not ideal. However, whether it was travelling or just bad luck at the local – plenty of us have been there.


2. The Time She Stole Puppies

We’re going to try and defend her actions here, as no doubt those pups were going to a super home (she really did love ’em, we can tell) and to be honest, if we found such cutie pies we’d feel like doing the same thing.


3. When She Sang Like Us

And by ‘sang’ we mean she lip-synced. And guess what? So do we! When she and Jimmy Fallon went head to head in that lip-syncing battle, Melissa did exactly what we would have done and fake-sang her heart out to hip-hop and Pocahontas.

4. Her Love of Dancing in The Heat

The unlikely duo, Mullins (Melissa’s tough character) and Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock’s character who does every little thing by the book) may have despised each other at first, however… it was nothing a boogie at the bar couldn’t fix.

Ah… so like us… *pleasant sigh*

5. Spanks Issues on The Ellen Show

Most of us love a good pair of Spanx. They help our curves to look better sculpted in a sleek, fitted dress, they tuck in our bellies and even out our bums. But, many of us have been the perfect example of how it doesn’t ALWAYS work out, and Melissa is no different. She told Ellen about the time she was caught with no pants and those beautiful Spanx pulled up over her jumper. Something so hilariously embarrassing it would surely happen us!

6. When She Was Wholly Inappropriate in Public

Fair enough, most of us might get peeved, angry or embarrassingly flirty in situations when we simply SHOULD NOT. Melissa, however, takes the cake in Bridesmaids when she essentially throws herself at a fellow plane passenger (aka Air Marshall Jon), raising a leg and even speaking of her… “undercarriage.” We might not have gone that far, but we were reminded of our own cringe-worthy romantic moments for sure.

FYI. If you have indeed ever gone THAT far… we actually don’t know what to say.

Brought to you by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Life of the Party is in cinemas nationwide now!