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19th Feb 2018

6 new Netflix shows to start binge watching tonight

Orlaith Condon


Say goodbye to your evenings.

When scouring the internet to find a new show, it can be an overwhelming task to narrow down the choices.

From dramas to comedies, dark and twisted to light and uplifting, there can sometimes be more choice than we know what to do with. And there’s nothing worse than committing to a show and realising three episodes in that it’s total shite.

Yep, having wasted nearly three hours of our time and growing attached to some of the painfully constructed characters, we’re left feeling almost betrayed.

However, if there is one place that never leaves us down, that always keeps us entertained, it’s Netflix. Yes, our loyalty to the site has only grown over the years thanks to their track record of producing killer content.

Well, they’re not slowing down anytime soon and they’ve just released a whole new selection of shows to enjoy.

Here are six worth binge watching this week.

1. Everything Sucks

Plot: It’s 1996 in a town called Boring, where high school misfits in the AV and drama clubs brave the ups and downs of teenage life in the VHS era.

2. Dynasty

Plot: The Carringtons and the Colbys feud for control over their fortune – and their children – in this updated reboot of the classic prime-time soap.

3. Altered Carbon

Plot: After 250 years on ice, a prisoner returns to life in a new body with one chance to win his freedom: by solving a mind-bending murder.

4. The End of the F**king World

Plot: A budding teen psychopath and a rebel hungry for adventure embark on a star-crossed road trip in this darkly comic series based on a graphic novel.

5. Queer Eye

Plot: An all-new “Fab Five” advise men on fashion, grooming, food, culture and design in this modern reboot of the Emmy Award-winning reality series.

6. The Joel McHale Show

Plot: Trending news, pop culture, social media, original sketches and more come together in host Joel McHale’s new weekly comedy commentary show.