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24th Feb 2022

The 2 Johnnies issue public apology over “offensive” social media posts

Dave Hanratty

“We are not perfect and are learning all the time.”

Popular podcast and radio presenters The 2 Johnnies have issued a public apology after a controversial video shared by the pair on social media was heavily criticised this week.

Highlighted by Social Democrats TD Holly Cairns, the video in question features several crude references to women and female genitalia, as the two hosts read aloud car stickers sent in from podcast listeners.

One example reads, “She’s not a princess, she’s a slut”.

The video has since been removed from social media.

Cairns told the Irish Independent that it was “bizarre to see two prominent podcasters, and 2FM broadcasters, promote a segment on their podcast in which they read virulently sexist slogans while laughing uproariously.

“Sexist comments, in which women are objectified and demeaned, are incredibly insidious and contribute to a toxic culture in which women feel unsafe.

“Dressing these remarks up as banter or jokes does nothing to dull their damaging impact,” Cairns added.

“The 2 Johnnies may feel it is hilarious to refer to women as a ‘slut’ on their show, but women and girls routinely experience that word being roared at them in the street or directed at them on social media platforms – and it is not particularly funny when it happens.”

In response to this assertion and further social media backlash throughout Thursday, The 2 Johnnies – John McMahon and John O’Brien – have issued a formal apology.

“We would like to apologise for the content which appeared on our social media,” the apology begins.

“These posts were offensive and should never [have] been published. This is not who we are nor what we stand for.

“We aim to do better in the future,” the statement continues.

“We are not perfect and we are learning all the time.”

The 2 Johnnies, who have a Spotify-exclusive deal for their podcast, recently joined RTÉ 2FM to take over the weekday Drive Time show from Jenny Greene.

As the time of writing on Thursday afternoon, the duo are not on the air, with Laura Fox filling in for their radio show.