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26th Aug 2022

YouTuber Keelin Moncrieff has welcomed her first child

Ellen Fitzpatrick


YouTuber Keelin Moncrieff has welcomed her first child and detailed her painful labour on social media.

The daughter of radio presenter Seán Moncrieff is a grandad for the first time after Keelin welcomed a baby girl.

Sharing updates of her heading into hospital to give birth, Keelin kept her followers updated and entertained as she detailed the exciting time.

Taking a snap on the car on the way, she wrote: “I’m in labour everyone.”

Showing herself and her boyfriend then sitting on a chair in the hospital, she popped her two thumbs up as she joked to “get the margarita ready”.

Sharing another update, Keelin then kindly informed fans that “She’s after doing a big s***e, but I’m 9cm now so pushing soon.”

But as any new mum discovers, labour is not an easy thing and for Keelin, she stopped joking for a moment to detail the pain she was in.

The Same but Different podcast host said she was in “too much” pain and was “delighted” when she was given an epidural.

Explaining just how painful it was, she said: “I was roaring with pain I couldn’t even open my eyes in the early labour ward with women getting their inductions. No one else was making a peep I was probably scaring them.”

She then added that her partner Jason was feeling really helpless during the whole thing and “hadn’t a clue what to do”.

After disappearing for a while, the sustainability influencer finally posted a snap of her and her newborn daughter and she held her close in the hospital bed.

She wrote: “STRAIGHT on the tit.”

She ended the saga by sharing: “I don’t like staying in the ward after business, I miss Jason and missy moo.”