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07th Mar 2023

X Factor star Mary Byrne rushed to hospital following tour bus crash

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She’s shook up.

Former X Factor star Mary Byrne has revealed that she had to be rushed to hospital after the tour bus she was travelling in was involved in a crash on a motorway.

The Ballyfermot native told how she had a near miss with death while touring in the UK with the cast of Menopause the Musical 2 when the mini bus she was in crashed into a truck.

The incident occurred when the truck suddenly braked after hitting a deer, leading the bus to crash into it.

It happened on the M3 near Basingstoke in the UK at around 1pm on Friday, with Mary due to perform in Woking on Saturday.

The 63 year old revealed that her life flashed before her eyes, but thankfully her and the other cast mates walked away with nothing more than “sprains and bruises”.

Mary told The Irish Sun: “The poor guy driving the lorry in front, a deer ran out in front of him and he swerved but ended up killing the deer and jamming on his brakes.

“We went right into the back of him.

“It was like an explosion. That’s what it sounded like. All I could see was people being thrown from one end of the bus to the other.”

Describing it as the “most frightening thing that has ever happened” to her, Mary was brought to hospital in an ambulance to be checked out.

It wasn’t until she was there that the shock wore off and Mary felt the pain in her arm. After getting an x-ray, Mary was told she had tissue damage on her back and neck.

The tour has since been postponed as they await everyone involved to be in the best of health. Menopause The Musical 2 is set to tour Ireland in May, and producer Robert C Kelly is adamant that Mary will be there.

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