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13th Dec 2023

Love Island stars Will Young and Jessie Wynter tease engagement

Anna Martin

Will Young and Jessie Wynter

Have Will Young and Jessie Wynter taken the next step?

The two Love Island stars jetted off to Australia to kick off the festive season and possibly start the rest of forever together.

Posting a selfie of their trip so far to Instagram, Jessie looked stunning in a low-cut red dress while Will did his best James Bond impression in his tux.

Hinting that she was waiting for a ring, the blonde beauty flashed her engagement hand for the camera as the farmer smiled.

Jessie wrote: “Is he proposing or has he just told me to get dressed up for a fancy date while on holiday.”

In the caption, she added: “Hmm.”

Will has been staging a bunch of fake proposals for a while now, often getting down on one knee in front of the camera.

Honestly, he’s done it so much that we wonder if Jessie will even realise he’s being serious if he does decide to pop the question.

Will has opened up about spending the rest of his life with Jessie

He previously said that he sees “babies, marriage and living with Jessie for the rest of his life” in his future.

The couple revealed they are currently “saving to buy a house together” as they split their time between the UK and Jessie’s home in Australia.

Speaking to MailOnline, Will said, “Last week I made a romantic gesture to Jessie. I won’t lie, we are creeping up to the ring. We are creeping up to it.

Will Young and Jessie Wynter
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“First stage is the goats, give us a couple of months and then the next thing is going to come and we will keep getting stronger and moving forward.”

Jessie added, “I love Will so much and I don’t need a ring to know that. I know we love each other.

“We were sitting at dinner the other night and he takes my ring off my finger and was holding it and asked, ‘Does this ring fit you well?’ I looked at him like, ‘What? Why do you care about that?’ He was acting so awkward.”