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25th Sep 2018

This well-known face is rumoured to host the new season of RTÉ’s Dancing With The Stars

We could so see this happening!

Denise Curtin

Could it be true?

It looks very likely.

Last month, Amanda Byram announced she was quitting DWTS. In a statement from RTÉ, the star said it was “due to personal and professional commitments both in London and LA” and so, wouldn’t be set to host the third season of the show alongside Nicky Byrne.

Naturally, people began to then wonder who would replace the star with many speculating that it would be another well-known Irish face.

And now, it looks like it could be just that. Since ITV’s Survival Of The Fittest has been axed after only living to see one season, it looks like presenter Laura Whitmore could have some free time on her hands.


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The show which was axed due to its expense and ratings failed at hoping to be the “winter version” of Love Island and so, will not be returning this season.

Therefore, with the loss of ITV’s Survival Of The Fittest and RTÉ’s Amanda Byram, many are suggesting Laura Whitmore will take the stage alongside Nicky once DWTS commences again.


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Laura Whitmore was also spotted in RTÉ’s publicity shots for their autumn launch with The Irish Sun reporting that the star “will occupy a much higher role in the station’s new season than first revealed.”