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25th Sep 2019

Vogue Williams chats about baby number two and finding the perfect pad in Howth

This woman never stops!

Denise Curtin

What a year it has been for Vogue.

In the space of the past month alone, the mother-of-one has celebrated her son’s first birthday, wrapped the second series of her TV show on Channel 4, celebrated her wedding with a lavish party and landed a gig as the brand ambassador of Diet Coke.

So, it’s no wonder that Vogue has described this chapter in her life as “full on” as she spends her time either working or with Theodore noting that she hasn’t had a day where she’s not doing either.

“It’s a very full life at the moment so, I suppose something has to give and right now it’s our social life as we’re concentrating on work and Theodore” the 38-year-old revealed.

Continuing, Vogue explained that although life has changed since having her first child, it’s not all different.

“Having a baby, they do fit into your life, some things change but not all.”


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And speaking of kids, as Theodore begins to walk and sleep “like a dream”, Vogue is enjoying this period explaining that she’s in no rush to bring a sibling into the world for him.

“Not anytime soon, I’m definitely not pregnant. I don’t want them to be too far apart in age but not right now.”

But, one thing on Vogue’s current agenda is finding a house in Ireland. The star who admitted she wouldn’t move back to Ireland due to work commitments in the UK would still like a place here for Easter holidays and Christmas break.

“Howth is small so it’s taking some time but, I know what I want so I’ll keep looking until I find it.”

The TV star currently has an apartment in Howth which she occasionally visits alongside her husband, Spencer Matthews and their son but, Vogue is looking for somewhere bigger where they can stay for three or four weeks at a time.


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While she’s looking for a Dublin home she’s still spending most of her time in London having just wrapped the second series of “Spencer, Vogue and Baby too“, this time titled “Spencer, Vogue and Wedding two” as the series focuses on their wedding party, Theodore’s birthday and according to Vogue, features “a lot of Irish references” and a gas moment between herself, her mom and her aunt.

And when she’s not filming she’s working as a brand ambassador for Diet Coke. Having just been announced as the latest face for their new #YouDoYou campaign, Vogue explains that Diet Coke is the perfect fit for her as she drinks it almost everyday.


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Thankfully, it won’t be long more until you’ll catch Vogue on TV as “Spencer, Vogue and Wedding two” will air next month.