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11th Sep 2019

Una Healy opens up about ‘going through hell’ this time last year

Olivia Hayes

She shared a throwback on Instagram.

Una Healy has opened up about “going through hell” this time last year after the breakdown of her marriage. The mum-of-two took to Instagram to share a throwback picture of herself with blonde hair.

She wrote: “Back in my blonde days. I might look happy here, but I was going through hell.

“Time is a healer and so blessed right now.”

When the picture was taken, it was just months after she announced her split from her ex-husband, Ben Foden. In February 2018, Ben admitted he cheated on Una in The Guardian newspaper.

The pair have both moved on since. Una is dating GAA star David Breen while Ben married Jackie Belanoff Smith this summer.

After dating seriously for two weeks, Ben and Jackie decided to tie the knot.


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In an Instagram post, the rugby player said: “People will say we are mad or crazy or even fools, as @snackyjax and I had only been dating seriously for a little over 2 weeks before deciding to get married. But when someone like her comes in to your life, why would I wait?”

After they got married, Jackie responded to accusations that Ben will cheat on her. She said: “I really don’t think he will!!! Like nothing in my gut gives me that impression.”