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17th Oct 2022

Una Healy admits she struggles with being her kids primary carer

Una Healy shares two children with ex-husband Ben Foden.

Una Healy has opened up about being her children’s sole carer.

The mum admitted she finds it incredibly hard at times as a single parent.

Speaking on Vicky Pattinson’s podcast, the singer said that there are days when she finds it extremely hard.

She told the reality star;

“It’s tough at times because I am the primary carer.

“I had to move back here for the support system with my parents so I can still work.

“I want to be an inspiration to my children, I have to put a crust on the table, I have to stay working,” she shared.

The mum-of-two continued, “I’ve spent my whole life gearing up to what I do and I’m very privileged to do what I do and I never want to let that go.”

Una Healy shares two children with her ex-husband Ben Foden. She welcomed her daughter Aoife in 2012. She then welcomed her son Tadgh in 2015.

Una explained that moving back to Tipperary was the best decision for her family.

She now lives next to her parents who have been a huge support to her after her divorce.

The presenter explained that she had to hold it together for her kids, but there were moments when she struggled.

“For the sake of the kids I had to stay strong. Obviously, they’ve seen me upset, and there have been moments where I’ve just started crying, but both of them would come up and give me a hug or write little notes saying ‘I love you’ and I knew I had to pull myself out of it.”

Ben Foden re-married on the day his divorce from Una was finalised. He married Jackie Belanoff-Smith in 2019. They share one daughter together.