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11th Feb 2017

Picture of Jamie Oliver holding son River Rocket sparks a safety debate

Amanda Cassidy

It’s not the first time celebrity parents Jools and Jamie Oliver have experienced criticism for their parenting styles.

But the latest picture of Jamie cooking with his baby son, River Rock has caused a flutter of outraged parents to take to social media.

He is pictured frying up some food in the pan while holding the baby in his other hand – a typical image of multi-tasking with a baby I’m sure many of us will be familiar with.

But speaking to the Daily Mail, parenting expert, Sue Atkins had this warning.

“It’s a cute picture but underneath it there are some dangers, what if the pan suddenly started spitting?”

The celebrity chef and father of five captioned his photo “Gotta start them young! Bless baby River he’s so fascinated by the cooking.

But his social media followers had a lot to say on the matter:

 ‘I once had an awful experience doing just that with my little girl.’

Another commented: ‘So adorable. But PLEASE don’t hold your baby near the stove’, while a third branded the chef ‘irresponsible’.

Recently Jools Oliver caused a social media storm when she was pictured holding her baby “the wrong way” in a baby sling.

Seems like people have a lot to say on other peoples’ parenting.

What do you think? A storm in a tea-cup or a dangerous practice that should be avoided?