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16th Apr 2020

Tom Hardy is returning to CBeebies and soothing times are ahead

Niamh McClelland

If you’re currently social distancing with small folk, you’ll know that any and all distractions are greatly welcomed at this time.

And if you just so happen to get a kick out of that distraction too, then all the better.

With that in mind, may we ask Tom Hardy and his particularly distinctive voice to step forward.

Yep that’s right; the Peaky Blinders star will be making a highly-anticipated return to the CBeebies Bedtime Stories slot after a successful storytime stint back in 2016.

The BBC’s announcement was met with delight on Twitter this week, with many admitting that the distinct absence of children in their home wouldn’t be stopping them from tuning in. Sure look, to each their own.

From April 27 until May 1, the British actor will be soothing the little ones in your house to sleep with a selection of bedtime stories, recorded from the comfort of his own garden. During ‘Tom Week’ we’ll be delving into Simone Ciraolo’s ‘Hug Me’, Robert Vescio and Nicky Johnston’s ‘Under the Same Sky’ and Rachel Rooney’s ‘The Problem with Problems’ among others.

Commenting on the actor’s return to the story-time slot, Head of Content at BBC Children Cheryl Taylor drew on the implications of the current lockdown when signalling the significance of Tom’s contribution to CBeebies this month.

“It’s during challenging times like this that the BBC serves its purpose to entertain the whole of the UK and these new stories are guaranteed to do just that with their themes of long distance friendship, sharing problems and true courage in overcoming seemingly impossible challenges.”

Got kids, love Tom or simply intrigued by the concept? Snuggle down and tune in from 6.50pm on the 27th.