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20th Aug 2019

Tom Felton and Emma Watson and are on holiday together and the nostalgia, it’s real

Jade Hayden

tom felton

Accio childhood memories!

Or whatever.

We’ve got to be honest with you, lads – there is nothing that evokes a sense of wonder, delight, and sheer enthralment than a cast reunion.

No, not a reboot. No, not an awkward meeting on Jimmy Kimmel between actors who haven’t seen each other in twenty-five years and have zero intention of ever speaking to each other again.

We’re talking organic, authentic, fully fledged hang outs between cast members proving that they are indeed still friends and actually like each other even after all this time.

That’s the good shit.

In this case, the cast members who have decided to spend some quality time together are Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson and Tom Felton.

And they’re not just hanging out in some London restaurant, or on the set of some talk show – they’re holidaying together in South Africa.

And yes, you’re right, that is adorable.

Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the movie adaptations of the JK Rowling series, confirmed the holiday over on his Instagram account yesterday.

He shared a photo of himself and Watson decked out in their PJs playing guitar.

Yes, their PJs.

We sayin’ nothin.’

Felton then shared another photo of himself on a beach wearing a ‘Women do it better’ vest. Watson took the picture. It says it in the caption.


Who knows, mate? Who knows.

Irrespective of what’s going actually going here (friends just being friends?) people are absolutely losing their goddamn minds in the comment sections of these photos.

And while some Instagram users are getting slightly confused and talking about Felton and Watson as if they are actually Hermione and Draco (those aren’t real people guys, c’mon), others are simply excited that two icons from their childhoods are spending some, ahem, quality time together.


Just lovely.