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09th Oct 2018

TMI – Love Island’s Jack Fincham just revealed a specific fact about his sex life with Dani Dyer

Denise Curtin

Oh, Jack.

After watching their relationship blossom for six weeks over the summer, we religiously sat and soaked in all that was Love Island which in turn, made us believe that we knew all the Islanders as if they were friends.

So, when Jack Fincham revealed a new “sex fact” about his relationship with Dani Dyer, all we can think is “oh, well that’s typical Jack”.

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Revealing just a little too much to The Sun, Jack spoke about his sex life post-villa, admitting that it’s getting better with practice.

“I’m working on it. It’s more and more every week. I’ve told her I’m a natural” the former pen salesman revealed.

However, we believe Jack felt the need to confess this and redeem himself after Dani revealed on TV that Jack lasted less than 15 minutes on their first sexual encounter post-villa.

Yep, the 23-year-old star dished the dirt on her boyfriend in front of her dad, Danny Dyer, no less.

Jack, Dani and Danny on their first public outing together in August.
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But aside from their personal lives, it looks like their professional lives are going from strength to strength. Dani’s InTheStyle clothing range launched today with many items selling out in minutes. Over 50,000 pre-registered for the collection with Dani taking to Instagram to express her gratitude, she wrote:

“Can’t stop smiling, seeing so many amazing comments about my range and I can’t believe things have already sold out in a few minutes!”

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