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21st Apr 2023

Teddy Soares breaks his silence following split with Faye Winter

“I have a voice again.”

Love Island star Teddy Soares has made a dig at Faye Winter as he finally breaks his silence following their split.

The couple confirmed they had broken up back in February after rumours began swirling online.

The two were living together when they went their separate ways and have both since moved out.

Teddy has now spoken out about the split after two months, addressing their split for the first time.

Speaking to MailOnline, Teddy said: “[Faye] talks about me in the press and we agreed not to but I don’t speak about her.

“I’ve never been through a public break up before so it’s difficult seeing it everywhere and seeing things she posts and stuff online.”

He also admitted that he finds it difficult to see Faye posting pictures with their dog Bonnie since the split.

Going on to explain more about the break up, Teddy continued: “I have a voice again. I feel like I’m coming out of my shell again and going to events and going out more. Which is really nice.”

Faye confirmed the two had split in February, sharing a statement on her Instagram stories.

She wrote at the time: “I wanted to let you know that after lots of time and consideration, Teddy and I have decided to go our separate ways. Thank you all so much for supporting our relationship and sharing the journey with us. I’m forever grateful.”

Speaking in a more recent interview with OK! Magazine, Faye explained the break up in more detail, saying: “We’re from very different worlds and we were trying to build a relationship in this very high-pressure environment.

“We got moulded together, but we had different dreams and ambitions and I had to respect Teddy’s. We were so similar and we got on so well – he’ll forever have a very special place in my heart – and it feels like I’m grieving someone.

“It’s so hard. I honestly believed he was my soulmate. It’s always hard to come to terms with these things and him not being there to build a life with. But you have to respect each other. It’s a loss, but you’ve got to keep on moving forwards.”

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