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08th Oct 2015

Taylor Swift Has Only Gone and Broken Our Hearts…

The singer is thinking about taking some time out

Don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with her and Calvin Harris. But it is to do with her music.

It seems Taylor Swift (or as we like to call her, Tay Swizzle) is toying with the idea of taking a break.

She said during a recent interview with NME: “I think I should take some time off. People might need a break from me.”

(We don’t need a break. Why Taylor? Why would you think that?)

The 25-year-old added: “I’m going to hang out with friends. Write new music. Maybe not write new music. I don’t know.”

She also spoke out about the amount of media attention she gets, explaining: “I’m in the news every single day for multiple different reasons.

“And it can feel, at times, if you let your anxiety get the better of you, like everybody’s waiting for you to really mess up – and then you’ll be done.

“A lot of the time I call my mom and talk for a really long time, just to remind myself of all the things that are great and that matter.”

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