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19th Aug 2022

Taylor Lautner’s fiancée Taylor will also be called Taylor Lautner after they marry

Here’s to the Taylor Lautners.

Taylor Dome, who is set to marry Twilight star Taylor Lautner, will change her name to Taylor Lautner after the pair marry in the next few months.

Taylor Lautner and future Taylor Lautner became engaged last year after Taylor got down on one knee and asked Taylor to be his wife.

If we thought that having a husband and wife share a first name was confusing, then things are bound to get even more complicated after Taylor changes her name once they tie the knot.

In a recent interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show , Taylor Lautner explained that to avoid confusion their friends refer to them as “Boy Tay” and “Girl Tay”.

Boy Tay spoke about how life is going to be confusing when Girl Tay changes her name to Taylor Lautner.

“We already share one name,” Boy Tay said. “This is going to be extra complicated. We’re literally going to be the same person!”

He then jokingly added: “I’m a narcissist.”

Rumours that Taylor was dating Taylor began to circulate in 2018, after the pair were spotted attending the same wedding. They went Instagram official shortly afterwards, and announced their engagement last year.

Taylor famously went full out in his proposal to Taylor in a room covered in candles and rose petals, in front of a sign displaying their future shared last name. Taylor shared the photos from the gesture on Instagram, and captioned them: “And just like that, all of my wishes came true.”

Earlier this year, Girl Tay delighted fans by responding to the viral “Show your childhood crush and then show who you ended up with” trend on TikTok.

In her video, she revealed that she was very much Team Edward but switched to Team Jacob when she met Boy Tay.