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07th Apr 2019

The Spice Girls ‘won’t be doing a world tour’ after Geri and Mel B sex rumours

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It has been reported that a world tour is no longer possible for the Spice Girls.

The news comes after Mel B revealed that she had lesbian sex with her band mate, Geri Horner.

This was a secret between them, and tensions have been high since Mel B revealed the story.

Before this, plans for the Spice Girls world tour were being hatched.

However, sadly for fans everywhere, these plans will no longer go ahead.

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An insider told The Mail On Sunday:

“It has been a hugely dramatic week. At one point last Sunday, the tour wasn’t happening.”

“They agreed that they had to do the British dates because they are under contract and they don’t want to let their fans down, but there won’t be any more.”

We assume this includes the Irish dates too?

“There had been plans to keep it going but no more.”

We actually can’t imagine how awkward the whole thing must be during rehearsals – especially for Emma Bunton and Mel C.

It was revealed: “The gigs are going ahead no matter what, but all the girls are prepared for more epic rows.”

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“At the moment Geri doesn’t even want to be in the same room as Mel B. There’s no way more worldwide dates will be added.”

Geri has completely denied that she ever had sex with Mel B.

“Mel is totally perplexed by Geri’s denials,” a source told The Mirror last week.

“Mel feels Geri is making her out to be a liar.”

Time will tell lads.