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25th Feb 2022

Spencer Matthews makes a dig at “stupid” Irish names in latest podcast with Vogue Williams

vogue williams

Ah Spencer, don’t hurt us like this.

If you’ve got a traditional Irish name, Spencer Matthews isn’t too happy about it, it seems.

The Made in Chelsea star made a dig on his podcast with wife Vogue Williams this week as he spoke against Irish names, deeming them “stupid”.

Teasing his wife, he poked fun at the fact they have complicated spellings and he joked that he “can’t be bothered” with many of them.

His Dubliner wife told her husband that “Sibh” is an Irish name and asked if he could pronounce it, and guessed very wrong saying like “Siobhan or something.”

“I can’t be bothered to be honest, Irish names are just, I know this is going to be unpopular but they’re really stupid,” he said with a laugh on the latest episode of the Spencer & Vogue podcast.

Anyone want to tell him it’s because they’re in another language?

Changing the subject slightly, Vogue quizzed Spencer on Irish phrases to see how many he could get.

vogue williams

Taking the line from The Irish Insult Generator book, the TV personality asked Spencer if he knew what “you man’s a banjaxed eejit who wouldn’t be taken out by the tide” meant.

Guessing it right, Spencer said that it meant someone was “undateable” but once he heard “banjaxed” meant broken, he described it as “nonsense” and something Vogue would never say.

She also had him guess phrases like “your mates a thieving pox with a head like a melted welly” and “your auld fellas a right amadán who was beat with the ugly stick.”

The Irish discussion didn’t end there, with Spencer also taking a swipe at our nation’s much beloved flat 7up for when you’re sick.

“You know when Theodore and I were sick, Theodore and I had a lovely bonding time in bed, vomiting together. In Ireland there’s a couple of things you do when you are sick and one is you have boiled 7up,” Vogue explained.

“I saw that, it’s so ridiculous,” Spencer said. “It’s supposed to settle your tummy”, Vogue replied “but it actually tastes so disgusting.”

“What I can’t understand is that you are an intelligent person right? That is just something that was done 500 years ago by one madwoman in some like a tiny, tiny town and somehow it’s managed to spread so that people still talk about it when he’s so obviously stupid.”

Explaining the logic behind it getting your sugar levels back up without being too harsh on your stomach, Spencer still deemed it “stupid” and opted to go for a spoon of honey instead.

Hey, don’t knock it until you try it.