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23rd Oct 2022

Sophia Grace reveals she’s pregnant with her first child

Sophia Grace Brownlee is pregnant with her first child.

Remember Sophia Grace from The Ellen Show?

The singer is set to become a mother for the first time. Feel old? Us too.

Sophia and her sister Rose first appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2011. You’ll remember the sisters’ adorable cover of Super Bass which quickly went viral after they appeared on the daytime show.

Sophia, who is now 19, confirmed she is pregnant with her first child in a YouTube vlog.

The mum-to-be revealed she is already six months pregnant, but admitted it took her a while to accept that she was going to be a mum.

She said fans will be surprised by the news, especially because she kept it a secret for so long.

Sophia Grace

She told her fans;

“I am here to tell you guys that I am pregnant.

“So I am 21 weeks today, and the reason why I left it so long is because I always want to make sure that everything’s completely fine and that everything’s safe.”

The mum-to-be admitted she was shocked when she first found out she was pregnant.

However, she said everything is going well and her baby is healthy.

She said it was “super cool” to hear her baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

However, she said it took her quite some time for the news to sink in.

“I got used to it now, and I’m super, super happy about it.

“And I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys and definitely have a lot of different content from what I usually have.”