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20th Feb 2014

Sinéad O’Connor to Renew Wedding Vows

The singer plans to renew her vows!

Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor is to get back and renew her marriage vows with Barry Herridge, describing him as “my absolute harbour whenever seas were rough”.

The couple married in Las Vegas in 2011 but then split after 17 days, however O’Connor has stressed on her website that they “did always love each other and marry for right reasons  (in a pink cadillac in Las Vegas : ) and have stayed friends and never got divorced [SIC]”.

The singer continued in her post: “Am delighted to want to say.. since you’ll all notice me wearing a very pretty engagement and wedding ring and may wonder… I haven’t married a fifth time… Robert Downey Jnr just isn’t going to happen…

“My lovely king of a husband has asked if we would renew our marriage vows and not let outside forces such as were in the past.. put the baby out with the bathwater..[SIC].”

O’Connor accompanied the post with an image of the sparkler and she plans to renew her wedding vows in the summer.