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03rd Sep 2021

Sharon Stone’s baby nephew “saved three lives” after organ donation

Sarah McKenna Barry

“We find comfort and strength in knowing he lives on.”

Actress Sharon Stone has urged people to become organ donors after revealing that her 11-month-old nephew saved three lives through organ donation.

Stone announced that Baby River William passed away following organ failure earlier this week. The infant was the son of her brother Patrick.

The Casino star paid tribute to River in a video shared to Instagram, celebrating his short life.

Since his passing, River’s family have shared that he was able to save three lives through organ donation.

In a statement on the Instagram page for the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, the Stone family spoke about their loss.

They said: “He was our tiny jokester, our water baby, our little foodie. Now, River has also become a hero.

“In death, he made a far greater contribution to this world than most of us could ever hope to ourselves.

“And he proved that the shortest of lives can also be the most meaningful ones. As an organ donor, River saved three lives.”

They continued: “There will never be a day, an hour, a minute or even a second that we won’t miss our sweet baby. But we find comfort and strength in knowing that he lives on.”

The family urged others to register to become organ donors.

“It would mean so much to us to be able to remember him as a boy who, in addition to saving lives himself, also inspired others to do the same.”

They added: “We look forward to the day we can hold him in our arms again. Until then, we are so proud of our hero, River William Stone.”

For more information on how to register to become an organ donor in Ireland, click right here.