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11th May 2016

Sharon Osbourne has opened up about her marriage breakdown

"I caught two of them in bed with Ozzy."
ozzy osbourne

Earlier this week it emerged that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were splitting up.

The couple, who have three children together, announced their split after over three decades of marriage.

And now, Sharon Osbourne has opened up about the split.

According to The Daily Mail, Sharon returned to the panel of The Talk on Tuesday and explained some reasons behind the split and also said that she feels empowered and looking at what’s next for her.

”I’m 63 years of age and I can’t keep living like this. He’s given me an unbelievable life and he’s given me three gorgeous children and I love him.”

“I’m just trying to take it all in, take it all in and process it’I’m doing great. I really, really am. I’m honestly empowered and I have found this inner strength and I’m like, “What’s next”.'”

“I don’t know where I’m going, who I’m going with, and I just need time to sit and really think about myself and what do I really want for my life.”

When asked if the rumour that she kicked Ozzy out of the house was true she said, “No, that’s true” but admitted that she is still in contact with him, “‘We’re talking, I spoke to him last night. I’m not with him but I speak to him for sure.”

Speaking about the nannies she employed to mind her three children she said, “I caught two of them in bed with Ozzy, different times.”