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26th May 2019

Security guards were forced to separate Brooklyn Beckham and Hana Cross this weekend

Rebecca O'Keeffe

She reportedly “lashed out” at him.

Young love can be intense, wonderful, and very fu*king volatile.

Which may explain why reports have been made about Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfriend, Hana Cross.

According to The Sun, security guards stepped in and separated Brooklyn and Hana, after an argument broke out between them.

She apparently “lashed out” at her boyfriend, resulting in the interference from security.


The young couple were enjoying a luxurious lunch in Cannes when the fight kicked off.

According to reports, Hana challenged Brooklyn Beckham on something, which resulted in “screaming and crying.”

Sure look, we’ve all been there lads.

This is not the first public argument between the pair, and it is believed that Brooklyn’s mum and dad, David and Victoria, are quite concerned about the volatile relationship.

brooklyn beckham

A friend of Hana’s spoke to The Sun, and said:

“They had had a couple of drinks and started trading insults. They are both still young, so of course everything is very impassioned at that age.”

“Hana confronted Brooklyn and lashed out, and security waded in. David and Victoria were contacted and made aware of the incident.”

“Not surprisingly, they are seriously worried about the couple’s toxic relationship and frustrated by all this humiliating public drama.”


According to the report, the fight did not get physical, and the pair have since apologised to each other.