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24th Nov 2016

Scarlett Moffatt lashes out at Tess Daly and it isn’t pretty


The claws were well and truly out.

Since entering I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, Scarlett Moffatt has won some people over and annoyed others but this latest news won’t do her any favours.

According to numerous reports which have surfaced today, Scarlett gave an interview to Heat! magazine in April where she had a few choice things to say about Tess Daly.

The Gogglebox star said that she used to fast forward parts of Strictly Come Dancing so she didn’t have to watch Tess and to be fair, that’s a pretty cutting remark.

Scarlett reportedly said:

“Tess totally ruins Strictly for me. I have to record it, so I can fast-forward through her”.

The 26-year-old also said:

“I don’t get her. She has no enthusiasm in her voice, she just sucks the excitement out of everything”.

Moral of the story, don’t get on Scarlett’s bad side…