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04th Oct 2017

‘Scared to death…’ Lionel Richie was asked about Sofia hooking up with Scott

We'd be a little nervous if we were Scott...

Their relationship has certainly raised eyebrows a plenty.

Yet Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are now Instagram-official and very much going strong… despite him being a 34-year-old reality TV star dad-of-three and she being still a teenager.

Now her father has weighed in… and considering her father is the legend that is Lionel Richie, we reckon Scott has reason to be a little nervous about his brand new in-laws.

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Indeed, Lionel himself told Us Weekly that he’s “in shock,” adding that he’s also “scared”.

We reckon we’d be a little shocked and scared of Mr Disick too, Lionel.

“Have I been in shock?! I’m the dad, come on,” the singer told the publication at the American Idol auditions in New York on Wednesday.

When asked if he was happy for the new couple, the multi-Grammy winner stated: “I’m scared to death, are you kidding me?”

Scott and Sofia, 19, recently sent the rumour mill into overdrive after they were snapped seemingly celebrating some BIG news

Of course, the pair only recently confirmed their relationship. However, people are now suspicious as to whether they have even more news to share after a video emerged of the pair being congratulated during dinner at a Miami restaurant.

The video, shared by TMZ, shows the pair being delivered a celebratory dessert with “Congratulations Scott and Sophia [sic]” written in chocolate on the plate.

Mr Disick and Ms Richie then embrace before the video cuts out.

The two options that were immediately floated? An engagement… or a pregnancy.