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20th Oct 2022

Ronan Keating shares warning after fan is scammed by fake account

Be aware.

Ronan Keating has shared a warning to his fans after a number of fake accounts appeared pretending to be him and asking for money.

The Boyzone star took to social media on Wednesday to warn fans not to give out personal information to these accounts.

He said: “Hi All. If it doesn’t have a verified blue tick it’s not me on Twitter or Insta. Don’t give your bank account details or money to anyone online”.

This warning comes after fans of the singer were contacted by fake Instagram and Facebook accounts who were asking to get access to their bank details.

There are many accounts like this on social media, claiming to be different celebrities creating various back stories that they need help with money from fans.

In Ronan’s case, one scammer contacted a fan claiming that he and wife Storm had split, with the message reading: “My Marriage has been hell for the past 8months which the media know nothing about, i and my got separated due to a scandal she got involved in with one of my band member and as a result we got separated but didn’t make it public due to my musical career. As i talk to you whatever you see me and her do in shows or concert, Radio or Tv presentation is just a way of acting to the court order till our divorce is been confirmed by court….”

Replying to Ronan’s tweet about the incident, one fan wrote: “Definitely had a few fake Ronan Keating accounts messaging me on Instagram. This account doesn’t exist anymore as I reported them but this is some of the crap they messaged me.”

Another said: “I’ve had so many fake Ronans send me DMs lately, especially on Instagram, but they always get blocked and reported. I hope nobody actually falls for it and gets scammed.”