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18th Apr 2016

Remember that throwback picture Britney shared of her and Leo? There’s more to it than we think!

Leo and Britney up a tree...

So a few weeks back Britney Spears shared a lovely throwback picture of herself and Leonardo DiCaprio

The picture was probably taken from late 90’s, early 00’s, judging by their fresh faces. It did leave us scratching our heads as to why she shared it because we didn’t even know they were friends.

Well now, according to Cosmopolitan, it seems Britney had ulterior motives.

Apparently, Britney is trying to do what she can to date the actor and this was her way of trying to get his attention.

A source revealed, “Britney has insisted she’ll do whatever it takes to catch Leo’s attention and has even sent him tickets to her Vegas show, as well as reaching out to him personally on Twitter after taking control of her social media accounts again.”

They continued, “Leo always had a crush on Britney and, when they saw each other at a party a few years ago, he made a play for her, but she wasn’t single at the time.

“Leo’s made it clear he likes Britney, but everyone knows he’s not interested in settling down or playing stepdad to her kids. Britney would have to be OK with knowing it would never be anything serious.”

Watch this space!

Lead image via Instagram/britneyspears