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22nd Jun 2016

5 possible reasons why Rihanna was crying at her gig last night

Ciara Knight

Rihanna had a little cry during her gig last night.

It happens to the best of us and she is quite literally the best out of any of us. If anything, it would’ve made the concert significantly more enjoyable to see that she’s only human and not immune to the hardships of daily life, which continues to hurtle us towards our impending mortality at an alarming rate.

Here’s 5 of the most likely reasons as to why Rihanna was crying at her concert last night.

1. She found out the off licences close at 10pm in Ireland


It’s not unreasonable to assume that Rihanna was informed very shortly before going on stage that the off licence would be closed by the time she finished the concert. Whoever delivered this damning information should be shot. Rihanna should’ve been warned well in advance so she could’ve been afforded the time to get a naggin beforehand, or arrange for a pal to get her requirements, then she could fix up with them later by paying for the taxi into town.


2. She had just watched Marley & Me


It would frankly take a stone wall of a person to watch Marley & Me without being reduced to a blubbering mess afterwards. Personally, it took me upwards of a week to get back to my rightful self after allowing that dog stumble his way into my heart. One of the songs Rihanna reportedly cried during was ‘Stay’, which very clearly would’ve triggered memories of the film, when that gorgeous golden gobshite (SPOILER ALERT) went to the big kennel in the sky.


3. She had PMS


Ladies, am I right? The old PMS train can be a rocky time for any of us. You’re not in control of your emotions (or uterus) and the stupidest of things can set you off. As we know, Rihanna has written some absolute bangers in her time and it’s not unreasonable to assume that her emotional and extremely relatable lyrics turned the sword unto their very creator and set her off. Get her a blanket, a large quantity of Ben & Jerry’s and the new series of OITNBstat.


4. She saw an elderly man eating alone


Chances are Rihanna grabbed a quick bite to eat before the gig. Given that it took place at the Aviva, I’m going to guess that she hit up Eddie Rockets on Baggot Street. An elderly man was possibly sitting alone in a booth, enjoying a burger and trying to figure out what on Earth is contained in that delicious secret sauce. When he turned to ask the empty seat beside him, Rihanna would’ve immediately dropped her cheesy chips and burst into tears at the sadness of it all.


5. She was informed of the (extortionate) price of Freddos in Ireland


This is the most likely reason as to why Rihanna was upset. The woman has traveled the world and seen things we couldn’t dare to dream about. She’s got about $120 million in the bank, but is still grounded enough to realise that we are being ripped off. The current price of Freddos in the Republic of Ireland ranges from 30-33c. It is an outrage and nothing is being done to combat this injustice against the people. Please, Rihanna. Use your power and influence to right this wrong.