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15th Sep 2022

Princess of Wales says children “doing well” after Queen Elizabeth’s death

Kat O'Connor

They lost their great-grandmother last week.

The Princess of Wales has given an update on how her children are coping following the loss of Queen Elizabeth.

The mum-of-three joined her husband Prince William in Sandringham this afternoon to greet the public. The pair looked at floral tributes, cards, and other items that were left in honour of the late monarch.

Dressed in a long black dress and coat, Kate smiled at members of the public as she shook their hands.

She thanked them for supporting the family during such a heartbreaking time.

She even told one woman about how her children were coping with the loss.

The woman told BBC’s Jo Black that Kate told her daughter about Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

“My daughter asked her how the children were doing, and Kate thanked her and said yes, they were doing well.”

The mum said, “they were being looked after at school, so that was a nice exchange.”

Before the Queen died, Prince William and the Princess of Wales moved from London to Windsor.

They wanted to live closer to the monarch, but also want their children to live “more normal” lives.

Their three children started at their new school in Windsor last week.

Both Prince William and Kate joined their children for their first day of school in Windsor.

The parents looked as proud as ever as they walked alongside their three kids. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will all attend Lambrook School near Ascot.