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30th Jan 2023

Princess Diana’s former aide Paul Burrell reveals his cancer diagnosis

Ellen Fitzpatrick

So sad.

Princess Diana’s former aide Paul Burrell has revealed the sad news that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The 64 year old made the heartbreaking announcement on Lorraine and revealed that he had been diagnosed last year.

Paul said he never imagined something like this would ever happen to him and is now on an “emotional, educational rollercoaster.”

He said: “I’m tired, I’m on hormone therapy, it’s robbing me of my testosterone so my beard isn’t growing as it should, I’m tired, and I’m getting hot flushes.

“In the summer I had to go for a medical for a TV programme I was doing and their duty of care was to go for a full medical.

“And out of that was a high level of a chemical PSA produced by your prostate gland.”

As he became visibly emotional, Paul continued: “I was wrapping Christmas presents, wondering, “Will I be here next Christmas?”

“I had to tell my boys, and they said to me, “Dad, we need to spend more time with you”, and that’s what it’s about.”

The close friend to the late Princess of Wales then urged viewers to get a “simple blood test” to detect signs of prostate cancer as early as possible.

He said that while he was “lucky” to have caught it when the did, there are “thousands of men out there who don’t have symptoms.”

“You’ve got loads of lovely female viewers who can say to their men, “Go get tested”,” he said.

Paul became known to the world when he served as a footman to the late Queen Elizabeth II, and a butler to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Beginning his career at only 18, he worked as the Queen’s personal footman for a year and later grew close with Diana as she described him as her “rock.”

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